About Prime Images Inc. and our large scale photography murals & wall art

* Prime Images, Inc. is a photographer owned small business. David Lawrence is available for image suggestions or to answer your artwork questions. We are here to help you

* Wall art and murals are made on a per-order basis. Custom sizes and crops can be made to your specifications. These are not mass produced posters or machine prints from some big box store or stock photo agency.

* All items on this web site are listed contract items on our GSA Multiple Award Schedule (MAS).


* We use environment friendly materials and practices whenever appropriate options are available.


* Our artwork is made in the USA using materials that are made in the USA.


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Photographer and president of Prime Images, Inc., David Lawrence,

"Ever since I founded Prime Images, Inc. over twenty years ago, my on-going goal has been to deliver the best quality photography and wall art possible. And to make the ordering process as convenient and easy for the purchaser as possible."


Contact us to receive our Capability Statement and/or our GSA contract Terms & Conditions

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